Friday, December 4, 2009

Reception Ambiance

Enjoy these images of reception ambiance! We thought they evoked similar feelings to those we're looking to create at our reception:

(love these vintage vases!)
(it's our colors!!!)

(thought these ticket place cards would go great with our playbill menus)

(love the colors, use of fruit, flowers, & wine bottles as table numbers!)

(nice use of fruit!)

(an example playbill style menu)

(different size & shape of vases add to the fun!)

(bright colors!)

(fan idea for ceremony programs...we're using a similar top bar on our stationary)

(like the simplicity, yet dramatic effect. Also, every guest has their own menu)

(more fruit, more fun!)


For those who haven't yet seen our venue, we wanted to post a few pictures of other weddings that have taken place there. The ceremony will be inside on the bottom floor like so:

Then, cocktail hour will be on the second floor/outside in the gardens. Here are a few images of those:

For dinner, we'll eat in the main reception room, pictured here:

Finally, here are some other fun photo opts inside and out. Enjoy!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

In one word...

.... summarize the style of our wedding! I decided to publish the definition on here, because once I looked it up, it's almost too perfect:

1. spontaneously fanciful or playful
2. given to whims; capricious
3. quaint, unusual, or fantastic

Ring Bearers' Pillow

After battling the kittens all night, they finally went to sleep and stopped playing with the fabric once I began this project! Again, they look much better in for the center, I put a few pearls there and didn't buy fake rings yet...forgot those!

This is the same pillow just at different angles. I've only made one so far...the other one can wait until tomorrow!!!

Hair Accessories

So, tonight I decided to play with making flowers for my hairband and the ring bearer's pillows. Not too shabby I think for the first time :) I used pearls and swarovski crystals in the middle and on the feathers, although it's difficult to tell in the photos:

TADA!!! I didn't find a headband I liked today when I was shopping, but I only went to Walmart and Michael's---I have high hopes I'll find something at Target or Claire's instead! Yay for thrifty shopping :)

p.s. Sorry for the poor picture quality...these were taken on my phone!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boutonniere Ideas

So here are some images of Boutonniere's we found. Similarly to the bouquets, we leaned towards texture :)

(The top two were are favs!)

(love the little blue pearl beads!)

(Maybe try the flowers in a different color? Love the texture but it's a bit too much of one color!)